Sense of belonging

We have identified books and other resources that help us to reflect on how we can develop a strong self-identity and empower ourselves and others to be our “true self”, while also promoting a sense of belonging to an organisation that fosters diversity and inclusion.

re are just some of the books you can borrow from the library. Click on the cover to see more information. See more books here. We also have a collection of Equality, diversity and inclusion ebooks.

We believe that reading ficture can help us to understand other cultures, appreciate diversity and develop empathy. Our Book club encourages us to share our reflections on our reading and its impact on our personal and work lives.

Here are some of the fiction books that we recommend. Others can be browsed here. We would like to develop this list, so please tell us about books that have had an impact on you.

The library has resources to support all the Trust’s network group. You can see these on our Staff networks page.

Other resources

The NHS people plan talks about looking after each other and encouraging a culture of inclusion and belonging.