Learn how to…


Use these helpsheets and videos to learn how to use e-resources.


Find books and journals


Find articles on a subject


Use other resources


Contact us if you have any questions or to arrange a one-to-one or group training session.  We have training facilities in the libraries or can come to your department. We can offer training on these topics –


Introduction to Healthcare Information

Learn to use the Library web page to access Healthcare Information & register for an Athens account.


Advanced Literature Search Skills

Learn how to plan & carry out an in-depth Literature Search using a variety of Healthcare Databases.


UpToDate, Cochrane and other evidence-based resources

Learn how to how to access & search the best available evidence for effective healthcare.


Critical Appraisal

Learn how to critically appraise healthcare information and to understand why this is important.


Current Awareness

How to create alerts for the latest news and developments.