Too many reasons to live


“I’m not giving in until my last breath.”
Rob Burrow

Rugby League legend Rob Burrow’s memoir will be one of the most inspirational books you’ll ever read. It will move you to tears and make you laugh. It will make you angry at the unfairness and cruelty of life. It will make you marvel at the fortitude and limits of the human spirit. And, like all the best books, perhaps it will make you reassess your own approach to living.

Since the age of seven Rob Burrow, the beating heart of the legendary Leeds Rhino Rugby Leeds team has been proving people wrong. Told that he was too small to play Rugby League he went on, against all logic, to have one of the most decorated careers in English Rugby League’s modern history. And then, at 37, he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. This is the story of a man who is channelling all that determination and positivity into his biggest battle yet.

Too Many Reasons to Live isn’t just a rugby league book, or just a book for sports fans. It’s an extraordinary story of love, friendship, of infinite kindness and boundless courage. As Rob takes on his new battle, he is doing what he has done his entire life – proving people wrong. Rugby League, winning friendship, at its heart Too Many Reasons to Live is a book for anyone either fighting their own battles with illness or other kinds of adversity, and a reminder that no one is going through it alone.

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