With The End In Mind


“There are only two days with fewer than twenty-four hours in each lifetime, sitting like bookmarks astride our lives; one is celebrated every year, yet it is the other that makes us see living as precious.”

Kathryn Mannix shares beautifully crafted stories from a lifetime of caring for the dying. Weaving her own experiences as a caregiver through stories of her patients, their families, and their distinctive lives, Dr. Mannix reacquaints us with the universal, but deeply personal, process of dying. With insightful meditations on life, death, and the space between them, this is a remarkably moving book that sheds a warm light on the beauty, dignity, and profound humanity of life coming to an end.

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Comments from other readers:

“This is a very well written account of the progress us professional s have made in palliative care. The stories are very touching but educational. I read the book while on holiday – I met a stranger who told me she had end stage breast/bone cancer patient enjoying her week of rest from chemo session. This book helped me in my conversation with her and we talked about living too.”


“A very good read. Informative and compelling. Very interesting stories of real people going through the end of their lives and facing ‘the journey’ in different ways, which was sad but heart-warming at the same time – something I hadn’t really thought about but will definitely do so now. I would recommend this to both staff in the Trust and friends and family. This book has reminded me of all the emotions we feel in our day to day lives. Most importantly this book has reminded me not to judge someone without getting to know their story. I’d recommend this book to anyone.”

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