How To Treat People


“The feel of breath on the fine, peach-skin hairs of my cheek would tell me if this person were still living; sometimes the last breaths come so slow, the only way of catching them is to come in cheek-close and wait for the feel of them.”

As a teenager, Molly Case underwent an operation that saved her life. Nearly a decade later, she finds herself in the operating room again—this time as a trainee nurse. She learns to care for her patients, sharing not only their pain, but also life- affirming moments of hope. In doing so, she offers a compelling account of the processes that keep them alive, from respiratory examinations to surgical prep. But when Molly’s father is admitted to the cardiac unit where she works, the professional and the personal suddenly collide.

In rich, lyrical prose, Case illustrates the intricacies of the human condition through the hand of a stranger, offered in solace, and in a person’s last breaths. Weaving together medical history, art, memoir, and science, How to Treat People explores the oscillating rhythms of life and death in a tender reminder that we can all find meaning in the lives of others. 

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Comments from other readers:

“Simply written and easy to read.  No great change in practice as aware of most issues.  Good read for non-medical people.”


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