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Following a successful pilot scheme, Library Services for Primary Care are being managed by dedicated Knowledge Specialists on the North East and North Cumbria Primary Care Training Hub.
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Evidence Searches

Do you want a list of recent articles on a clinical subject? Register for an NHS OpenAthens account, and search the NHS Knowledge and Library hub, including e-journals and databases such as Medline.
Or tell us about the topic you are interested in and we will email you a list of articles about it.


To keep up with the latest evidence, fill in this form and we will set an alert up for you on KnowledgeShare. New evidence on your topic will be emailed direct to you at regular intervals.

Setting up your OpenAthens Account
Register for an NHS OpenAthens account, (selecting organisation: GPs and practice staff in the North of England), and you can access all of the NHS’s journals and databases


To learn more about how to find articles and information, check these videos and online tutorials



To borrow books, register with the library by filling in the form here.
You can search the catalogue for books you are interested in. Contact us and we will post any books you request to your workplace.

Emergencies in Primary Care


Health and Well-being
Self-help, literature, exercise and craft books to help you remain positive.

A good book can give a real boost to the way you feel. Borrow a title from the Mood Boosting collection and see how your mood improves when you read it.

Book club
Read a copy of our popular book club titles or how about setting up your own local reading group and we will send you multiple copies from our collection.


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