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Pre-registration health education

Welcome to the resource page for mentors, educators and supervisors, who work with students studying at Northumbria University at Newcastle on health courses.


There are useful links and documents as well as reference lists that will hopefully aid those staff looking after students or completing the mentor/educators preparation course. There are useful links and documents that will hopefully provide information and sources of evidence for clarity and assignments. 
This site is also designed to help Allied Health Professionals (AHP) in relation to identifying useful web sites and information for educating and supporting students.


Contact us

Mobile: 07789173782

Mobile: 07825845285

Mobile: 07980260345

Mobile: 07920478210


Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Thomas Knight Day Unit

Blyth Community Hospital

Thoroton Street


NE24 1DX

Tel: 01670 – 396556

Trust Website Address:


Mentor updates


Education Audit of Practice



The ARC PEP page on the Northumbria University website will provide you with training materials, learning opportunity and Trust welcome templates. Access ARC PEP login here.


Practice Learning Team


Trust induction


Northumbria University placements and partnerships webpages

This is the main page for mentors, educators and supervisors on the Northumbria University website. You can find lots of the information you need from here, or use the links below.


Nursing, Midwifery and ODP

Occupational therapy



eTAPP Guide_ Team Assessment of Performance in Practice




If you are applying for the FLAIP course at Northumbria University please complete the application and return to the PPF address above. The PPF will forward it to the NHCT training department who will record your application and post to Northumbria University CPD department. Please be advised the Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy courses run twice a year. For other applicants there is a waiting list of approximately 9- 12 months. Contact the PPFs if there are any queries around the waiting time for the course.


CPD Application form

Modules – a brief description of FLAiP course AC0507 AC6620 and TE0757

FLAiP reading list – AC0507 AC6620 TE0757

Find Reading list books in the library catalogue