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Co-creation network

Co-creation Network – This network warmly welcomes everyone who is interested in learning new ways of working better together, testing and supporting change and exploring the answers to those questions which matter most across our health and social care systems. Anyone with a passion for improving patient care can join and membership of the Co-Creation Network is free

Current Communities include:

Caring culture –  We hope to provide an environment which offers inspiration to members of frontline teams that wish to improve the culture of their team and a platform to share learning from teams that are ahead of the curve.

Continuous quality improvement – Our coming together is founded by the principal that we want our organisations and their stakeholders to be the best version of themselves.

Frailty – The National Frailty CoP aims to bring together individuals, from health and social care, with the passion and shared commitment to build better systems of high quality, person centred, co-ordinated care for people with frailty.

Human Factors – We are a community of clinicians, improvement leaders, trainers, academics, commissioners, patients, carers and anyone else who is interested, who share a passion about Human Factors and its potential for reducing harm in our systems.

Mindfulness – In today’s turbulent NHS, healthcare staff are continuously under relentless pressure and information overload and struggle to create the space required for managing their thoughts and emotions which can at times have negative influences on behaviours.

Perinatal mental health – Perinatal Mental Health effects many families and the results can be devastating and long lasting. Families need support at this vulnerable time that is right for them and individualised for their needs.

Safety measurement and monitoring –  We are working together in this community to learn from using the Charles Vincent measurement and monitoring of safety framework. Through this community of practice we want to share and learn from each other on how we are using the framework so we can all have a deeper understanding and ability to implement and evolve the framework in order to improve the quality of care we provide to patients.