Knowledge management

What is Knowledge Management (KM)?


“a conscious strategy for moving the right knowledge to the right people at the right time … to be translated into action to improve the organisational performance”.


O’Dell C., Grayson, J. If only we knew what we know: the transfer of knowledge and best practice. New York: The Free Press, 1998.


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Journal of knowledge management

Journal of organizational knowledge management

Knowledge management research and practice

Other journals

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A New Journey to Health – health information seeking behaviour across the generations – ILC-UK, 2015

Principles for Knowledge Management for Development – lessons from innovation by Ian Thorpe

Knowledge Management in Public Health: Building the Skills and the Community – October 2015

Building A Knowledge Enabled Nhs For The Future


Books – We have put together some book lists on popular topics



Glossary of health knowledge management terms

KMT – an educational KM site – an overview of KM including models and tools

KM stories – tales that show how information professionals can help make improvements by linking problems with solutions, or making introductions between people which then create or have the potential to create change.

Knowledge Management Learning Resources – Department of Health


Promotional material

The Knowledge Management Framework for Health Informatics provides a set of tools and techniques to help people to learn before, during and after everything they do so that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls are avoided – Postcards