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Health and wellbeing


Craft classes

Would you like to attend a craft class at North Tyneside? – please complete this survey and tell us what you are interested in Craft class survey


Self help books

All the libraries have books on relationships, mental wellbeing, resilience and mindfulness. As well as self help books to help you overcome common problems, such as eating disorders and phobias.



Fitness – we have books and DVDs to encourage you to take up and develop your skills in yoga, pilates, running, swimming etc.

Crafts such as knitting and sewing can also benefit your health and wellbeing by helping you to relax and cope with everyday stress.


Quick Reads

All the libraries have a selection of “Quick Reads” – these are books by some big name authors that are designed to be shorter and easier to read for adults who are less confident in their reading skills.

The Reading Agency, in partnership with the Quick Reads organisation , works to bring the benefits and pleasure of reading to everyone and to improve standards of literacy.


Mood boosting books   

A good book can give a real boost to the way you feel.  Borrow one of these books from your local Trust Library,and see how your mood improves when you read it. Browse our collections below:

Mood Boosting 2012
Mood Boosting 2013
Mood Boosting 2015
Mood Boosting 2016
Mood Boosting 2017
Mood Boosting 2018

  The Humans.jpg    Rosie Project.jpg Island The.jpg 9780007323128 9780749574093


The Mood-boosting Books scheme is a national promotion of uplifting titles, including novels, poetry and non-fiction, recommended by readers and reading groups around the country. Find out more about some of the books.


We’d love to have your comments or reviews of these books.


Relaxation CDs

And to spend some time relaxing, you can borrow and listen to our relaxation CDs.