Health and Wellbeing

“The joint work between the Library Service and Staff Psychology has been invaluable on many levels. Our patients (staff) now have a greater choice of recommended reading and the Library Service has been fantastic in promoting and distributing resources to staff who are unable to be physically onsite. Additional options for patient care have been provided, and our clients have benefitted from the safe and supportive contact that the Library Service has provided them with.”

Staff Wellbeing Portal- Support for you and your family during the Coronavirus pandemic

Staff Psychology Recommends….
Occupational Health and Staff Psychology have collaborated with the Library Service to create recommended reading lists to support your mental wellbeing.


Uplifting resources for the NHS from the NHS Health Education England and the Reading Agency have crowd-sourced a list of uplifting books and digital resources from NHS staff which are ideal for boosting your mood. Click on any of the books below to check availability. 

Uplifting Titles

Self Help Books
The library have a selection of  self help books to help you overcome common problems, such as eating disorders, obsessions and compulsions and  phobias.

Trust libraries have books & DVD’s to encourage you to develop new skills which can benefit your health and wellbeing by helping you to relax and cope with everyday stress. Why not check out our Welcome To The North East  page which has lots of ideas on things to see and do. 

Quick Reads
All the libraries have a selection of “Quick Reads” – these are books by some big name authors that are designed to be shorter and easier to read for adults who are less confident in their reading skills.  The Reading Agency works to bring the benefits and pleasure of reading to everyone and to improve standards of literacy.

The Reading Agency presents ……Mood boosting books
The Mood-Boosting Books scheme is a national promotion of uplifting titles, including novels, poetry and non-fiction, recommended by readers and reading groups around the country.  A good book can give a real boost to the way you feel. Browse and borrow one of these books from your local Trust Library, and see how your mood improves when you read it.

Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear Self Help 

CNTW have a range of self-help leaflets  available in BSL, easy read and audio formats.


E-books from Bookboon (only accessible from the Trust intranet)

The NHS Northumbria eLibrary where you can download eBooks to support your wellbeing.  

To download, from a Trust PC, click on E on the Intranet A-Z and select E-books