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Latest News

NTGH book club

Have you read With the end in mind? Come and discuss it at the NTGH book club on Wednesday 10 April at 1pm .

April 9th 2019

Library Website Survey

The library team are looking to make some changes to the website and would value your opinions. (more…)

April 4th 2019

Library team celebrate 100% quality accreditation

The Library team have worked with the Medical education team to develop the facilities at NSECH. (more…)

March 12th 2019

Book Club

March book club title is With the end in mind by Kathryn Mannix. Written by a local Palliative Care doctor, this book challenges the conversation around how we live and die. (more…)

March 4th 2019

Book Club

Northumbria Book Club invites you to join the discussion of Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. (more…)

February 19th 2019

Menopause and andropause staff network group

We are supporting the new staff network group  

February 6th 2019

Grave talk cards

There will be packs of Grave talk cards available in the Trust libraries after the Grand Round Meeting on 6 February.

January 28th 2019

Christmas quiz answers

Answers to the annual Christmas quiz questions are here 

December 6th 2018

Libraries week 8-12 October

The theme for this year’s national Libraries Week is wellness. The Trust Libraries are taking part, so do call in any time over the week and check what’s going on.   This will give you the opportunity to find out how the refreshed Trust libraries can support your health and wellbeing, as well as your professional development and practice.  There will be fresh fruit and activities a...

September 14th 2018

Milan Collective

Are you interested in meeting once a month to discuss the fiction and non-fiction books on medicine, health or illness that were chosen for the Wellcome book prize 2018? Most of the books are available in the Trust libraries and include:     See here for more information about the book group.

August 24th 2018